Chicago District Campground

Board of Trustees

Our Mission

Revitalize this historic 36-acre, 156-year old campground for future generations through sustainable community development with fundraising events and activities organized around the 4 Pillars of the Chautauqua Education Model: Religion, Recreation, Art, and Culture.


Our Vision

To inspire visitors to experience and appreciate the gift of nature, honoring our past, embracing the present and preparing for the future.


Visitors will be guided by expert program instructors providing accessibility to this rare historic site.

We value diversity as a dynamic and integral part of cultural education.

In this fast paced 21st Century culture, visitors will have an opportunity to reconnect with the simplicity of the past in a natural and relaxed setting.


Board of Trustees

  • Jim Lane, President

  • Mark Heyboer, Vice President

  • Roger Householder, Treasurer

  • Sally Thompshen, Secretary 

  • Barb Pierce 

  • Phil Ibarra

  • Bob Shumate 

  • Bob Tate 

  • Vacant 



Committee Chairmen

  • Buildings and Grounds – Bob Shumate

  • Cottage Sales – Karen Tate

  • Christian Emphasis – Barb Pierce

  • Facility Rentals & Picnics – Sally Thomphsen

  • Pool – Amy Lane

  • Volunteer Outreach - Dee Hilbert

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Project Lead

P. 773.895-8738


Find us: 

The Chicago District Campground

1900 E. Algonquin Road

Des Plaines, IL 60016

1 (847) 636-6355

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