Every day -- happy or sad, challenging or just business-as-usual -- makes new demands on us.  Each day brings new experiences, new tasks, and new rewards. As each day dawns, take a moment for quiet reflection and discover the promise of a new beginning and a fresh start full of optimism, hope, and joy.


The Promise of a New Day -- a very special collection of inspiring thoughts and wise meditations has offered thousands of people day-to-day wisdom and fresh viewpoints on life, adding a moment of inspiration and insight, a comforting thought, or a time for rest and relaxation to their days.  Filled with the wisdom of inspirational thinkers from around the world including Robert Bly, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Leo Buscaglia, Norman Cousins, Amelia Earhart, Robert Frost, Helen Keller, John Lennon, Shirley MacLaine, Will Rogers, and Mark Twain along with insightful reflections and reassuring thoughts, The Promise of a New Day will help you find the promise of peace, encouragement, and a fresh start in every day of your life.

Source: The Promise of a New Day by Karen Casey & Martha Vanceburg, a Hazeldon Book, Harper Collins Publishers


"Everything's got a moral if you can only find it."

~ Lewis Carroll


To say that life is full of meaning is not to say that meaning is fixed or magical. Signs come to us from within not from outside; the morals we can draw from the little drama's as in our lives have to do with our own growth.


We can learn from negative experiences as well as positive ones, and we need to applaud our own progress (it's likely no one else will). Only we can know how far we have travelled when we overcome a fear of speaking in public or phoning a volunteer telephone campaign. Or perhaps we've learned to say “no” to the constant demands others make of us; we're the only ones who recognize that advance, and we deserve to congratulate ourselves for it.


Finding the morals in daily events can be an adventure. It's good to take stock periodically; it helps us to see what progress we've made and to scale our expectations to the real pace of our growth.


Today I'll hold a private viewing of some of my recent successes; I'll be my own best audience.


Memory is the power to gather roses in winter.

~ Anonymous

What a marvelous capacity we each have to capture and savor the bliss of past moments. They serve to comfort us while we're enduring the pain of the present. However, it's this present experience that has called us to attention. Within its' context, we'll be challenged to tackle the lessons for which past memories have prepared us.


Notwithstanding the comfort of the past, we'd do well not to hang on to past memories unrelentingly. Only by flowing with the present and absorbing how these events punctuate our lives, are we grasping the full experience our lives offer.  There are too many people who live half-lives, and thus, find half-joys because they fail to give up the past for the fuller measure that is offered in the present.


Fortunately, we are blessed with the power to live here and now, or in the past, if we so choose. Freedom of choice is the special gift of the human condition.


I'll appreciate my gift of choice today and linger in the past only as it benefits the better part of the present.


"Who cannot give good counsel?  Tis cheap, it costs them nothing."

~Robert Burton


Other people's problems are so easy to solve.  Isn't it amazing how much better we are at their lives that our own?  Of course, other people's lives don't hook us emotionally, by means of love or guilt or precious delusions.  We can look at them wisely, with detachment.

Detachment is the key to solving our own problems too, except that the detached intelligence may see a solution we're unwilling to use - especially if it means changing our behavior.  Then we may feel despair.  We're stuck between the rock of our intelligence and the hard place of our reluctance to change.

Whether we stay stuck depends on us.  We can choose to live as hybrids, a little wise, a little infantile; a little happy, a little miserable.  Or we can risk change and growth.  Within us is the knowledge and power to get what we want, if we'll believe in ourselves.


My problems are like other people's.  Whether I solve them or not is up to me.


"I am determined to maintain the perpendicular position "

~ Lucy Stone


Perpendicular lines make right angles; they make possible extensions of both height and breadth.  Right angles are weight-bearing.  We speak of asserting something "squarely," making perpendiculars.


People who speak their minds freely and assert their individuality feel perpendicular; the corners they create, by their points of view, are sturdy and open.  Others can use them to build structures on.


It's important to claim the perpendicular, event though we may feel pressured into curved or parallel positions.  If we're centred in ourselves, others won't throw us off balance.  each of us needs to find our own center so that we can occupy our own place.  Others will recognize us.  together we'll build high and wide.


"My remotest ancestors dared to point their spines upright.  I'll carry out the project they began." 


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