Fire Keeper Preparation

Place kindling in the form of a Southern Cross and then build a short tee-pee of wood over it. Fill in with paper and kindling as needed. Remember, this is a small ceremonial fire, not a large bonfire. Sacred space should be called in and then the fire can be lit. As the fire burns, there is often a beautiful chant or prayer used to stay centered and occupy the mind.



The fire should be made friendly with three offerings of sage, tobacco, or olive oil.


  1. Honor the four directions (East, South, West, North) and then sprinkle your offering on the fire.

  2. Honor the heavens and earth and again sprinkle your offering on the fire.

  3. Connect the circle around the fire by honoring all who are physically present and/or the spirits of the land or ancient energetic beings you may sense, but not see.


The fire will become friendly, change color and burn in a different manner, which you will notice through discovery, practice, observation, and experience.


With honor and gratitude, each person, in turn, may approach the fire if they choose, and silently put in their offering. The fire will transform your offering(s) and prayers back to light, turning them over to Spirit. In the same way sunlight wraps around the stick as it grows, the offering now goes back to the light wrapped with your prayers.


Each of us bring something to burn that we would like to rid the emotions associated with our past (on the Full Moon) or a prayer request of something new (during the New Moon), that will burn, turn to smoke and release into the ether's. This allows past energy to move along to its highest spiritual progression path and the new prayer request to move along to its highest spiritual progression path.


We may bring pictures, drawings, or intentions written on a piece of paper for the past or the newness. For the past, after we have burned and released the emotions associated with it, then we have something prepared that is written down on a clean sheet of paper. This would be something new that we would like to call forth from God. For the newness, the prayer request is then burned and released into the ether's thereby replacing the past emotions with new ones.


We form a circle around the fire and one by one call in support from Divine Sources that give us peace. e.g. - God, Jesus, Creator, the Blessed Virgin Mother, Spirit, the Universe, the Archangels, the Saints that we may feel closest to, Guardian Angels, etc. We start with a prayer, and end with a prayer that is coupled with thanksgiving that our prayers and intentions have already been answered.


After we have called in our Divine Source we place into the fire our pictures, drawings and intended release of the emotions associated with the past. Once these things have burned to smoke and ash, we then place into the fire what we have written on clean sheet of paper. This would be what we desire to replace those old energies with and call in new.


The things we address from our past or call into our future can be shared with the group or kept to ourselves as we go through the Fire Ceremony. Keep in mind, no one is obligated to speak during a Fire Ceremony. Anyone can participate without stating what they are releasing or calling forth.

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