Earth Day -Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 10:00 am
Peace Fire Group Speakers


Fire and Water Ceremony on Earth Day -

IF you have any questions please contact me here, or Cynthia Morgan, at any time.

We look forward to seeing you at the camp on April 21 to celebrate Earth Day 

On Saturday, April 21, 2018, the Historic Methodist Campground will be host to our 2nd Annual global Peace Gathering. All are welcome to explore how we can manifest peace in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

The "Opening Space for Peace" will begin at 10:00 am at which time The Sacred Fire will be lit and an opening ancient song and the Ossinagon Directional Prayers will be sung.  Once the fire is lit with song and ceremony, we will let the day flow and see how we are guided to organize the WATER AND TREE PLANTING Ceremony.  “ALL WILL BE WELL.”  The larger, global program will invite people around the world to light sacred fires, host open conversations, and post news of what happens in various ways online.   


If you have anything for the FIRE bring it.

If you have anything for the WATER bring it.


It will be for families, scouts, and schools.  It is for everyone to come and participate and enjoy the day. There are many pieces to this day. The Peace and Water Ceremony is just one. Community Exhibits(*) will also take place at the Epworth Dining Hall.   A day of inclusion for ALL people, ALL cultures, ALL faiths, ALL languages, and ALL children...from now on.  As Ajit Telang would say, The Divine is at work." Tuya from Mongolia would say, "The ancestors are talking to us."


We are honored to have the Wisdom Keepers establish a Peace Fire Circle at the Historic Methodist Campground in Des Plaines, IL to provide a safe space for the next generation to experience the wisdom of the elders.  Speakers are subject to change, so please check back.


We hope you will join us!



  • Kathleen Brigidina - Kathleen's parents and older siblings were born in Ireland, she was the first one born in the United States, yet still deeply connected to her Irish roots. Maori Elders of New Zealand named her "Mother with Essence of the Forest".  As an eco-artist, writer, creative heart coach, and earth-essence facilitator at, Kathleen supports the healing of Mother Earth, by guiding water ceremonies with "The Loving Waters", and assisting feminine rising & reforesting the planet as "Artist Liaison for Tree Sisters"


  • Pam Brockman (*) – Pam works with the Art of Living Foundation & International Association for Human Values , both founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from India. She travels the world as a senior instructor training people in the art and science of breathing, meditation, and yoga. She works with all people and has helped students, teachers, parents, communities, prison inmates, and military service members/veterans with PTSD.  The Art of Living Foundation’s World Cultural Festival March 11-13, 2016 in New Delhi, India had 3.7 million people in attendance from around the world. It was celebrating 35 years of service to Humanity, as well as the diversity of culture, art, and world traditions. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a globally renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian whose life and work are dedicated to creating a violence-free, stress-free world.


  • Pat Cleveland (*) – Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Program & the 22’ Peace Dove – Pat is a teacher at Dewey Elementary School, in Evanston, Illinois. She has organized the Roots & Shoots Club at her school for 20 years. They do community, environmental, and peace projects connecting with students from all over the world. Many of Pat’s former students pick their life’s work based on what they learned in her classroom and the Roots and Shoots Program. Pat was nominated for the Golden Apple Teaching Award and was a finalist from over 1000 teachers nominated.


  • Mark ClevelandMark Cleveland , a Native American Flutist and contemporary singer-songwriter who evolved into a recognized World Music performer over the past 2 decades. He began this musical journey after he was adopted by a Native American elder who encouraged him to explore that part of his heritage. Highlights of his musical career include performing for the Dali Lama, scoring the Chicago Field Museum’s Ancient Americas exhibit, and recording with Yo-Yo Ma’s Cross Roads Project.


  • ​​​Pat & Bruce (Mukta Thē) HardwickPat and Bruce are Ojibway Fire Keepers . They welcome people from all over the world to their home and Sacred Fires in Michigan. In addition, they have been invited to carry this Fire to Peace Conferences and gatherings all over the world: Russia, The Hague, in the Netherlands, Peru, and Paris, France, and more. ALL people are welcomed to their Fires at ALL times.


  • Tony Hollenback - Tony is the founder of the Healing Center in Chicago, where they use a variety of holistic approaches for children, adolescents, and adults with a medical or behavioral health concerns.   Tony is also the Family Services Director for the Village of Niles, and has the had the privilege of working with Mayan Elder Grandmother Flordemayo, and Ojibwe Elder Grandmother Mary Lyons.



  • Kevin Creely – Play for Peace (*) - Kevin is on the Board of Directors for Play for Peace .  Play for Peace is a volunteer organization with programs in 29 countries. Formed in 1996 Play for Peace brings together children, youth and organizations from communities in conflict using cooperative play to create laughter compassion and peace.  Everyone can be an architect, builder, and leader for peace. Every community can create and sustain peace. Play is one of the most innovative catalysts for peace in the world today.


  • Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan (*) – S.O.U.L. Creations West African Drumming – Gilo has traveled the world to experience life, people, and their cultures. He and Chaaze’ Roberts traveled for three years visiting countries in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Upon returning they started S.O.U.L. creations a West African drumming group in Evanston. He is also an instructor at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. His father was the first African-American Police Chief in Evanston, Illinois, and he also was the bodyguard for Martin Luther King on one of his visits to Chicago in the early 1960’s.


  • Chief Steve McCullough, Iktomi Sha – Steve has been the intercessor for the last 25 years of the Salt Creek Sundance  in Indiana. Salt Creek was the first Lakota Sundance done East of the Mississippi River. Steve was asked by the elders to start this dance in Indiana to protect the graves of the ancestors that were being desecrated by grave robbers using fire hoses to spray away the topsoil. The efforts of Chief McCullough, Jim Gillihan, and many, many other people got laws passed, and the robbers arrested and halted the illegal activities.  Steve has traveled the world for the last 25 years connecting with healers and helping people through his Lakota healing and pipe ceremonies. In March 2106 Steve was invited by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living Foundation, to The World Cultural Festival in New Delhi, India. 3.7 million people attended the festival. Steve was the only Native American Chief in attendance and was asked to give a blessing to all the people from the main stage.


  • Mongolian Shamans (*) from the Mongol Tenger Unen Shaman Association - We will have three Mongolian Shamans who are practitioners of their ancient traditions join us for the day. A Mongolian Shaman has duties to protect nature, deliver the message of the Ancestral spirits, enlighten people, restore their heritage, and save Mother Earth. They are Gereltuya Tumur, Tugsbat Nyamjav, and Enkhtuya Erdenebileg. Also, Abbas Changas/Hazara a Mongol from Afghanistan, and Batmunkh Tsendajust, with the Jack Weatherford Foundation and the Mongolian 4-H Association, who participated in the 7 Chakra Ceremony to heal Mother Earth, will be present that day.  Mongol Tenger Unen Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization formed in 2011. Since 2011 it has organized over 60 events, participated in 10 International Conferences, planted 5500 trees, and published 13 books channeled to them from the Ancient Mongolian spirits. They also help organize Shaman Ceremonies, Scientific Conferences, and protests against mining and nuclear projects in Mongolia. They are working to stop the oil companies and polluters back home in Mongolia. They have the same issues we have here in the United States and are dedicated to saving Mother Earth for future generations


  • Ron Nosek (*) – Nature Education Programs – Ron has been attracted to the natural world his entire life. After attending Wilderness Schools and practicing his skills he decided to start Nature Education Programs. His courses and weekend classes reconnect people to the natural world and help them develop skills to look at life through a different lens. Ron has written a book about his experiences and the connection to the natural world.


  • Osahmin Judy Meister (*) – Osahmin is an elder with the Miniss Kitigan Drum (MKD) Band of the Ojibway. She is an Oskibawig, spiritual helper, and was an apprentice to Nokomis Keewaydinoquay for 30 years, giving her a solid foundation to Native American philosophy and medicinal plant use. She is a keeper of the ceremonies, the sacred songs, and the plant medicine.  She is also a field biologist and published author  of a novel, "Their Time of Learning", and "a medicinal plant book, the "Spirit of Healing, a Journal of Plants and Trees". Osahmin Judy Meister, Elder of the Miniss Kitigan Drum of the Ojibwa


  • Ray Piagentini – My Brothers Keepers - Ray is a counselor at Barrington High School. He has dedicated his career to helping disadvantaged people and having his students do service with these people. He has taken his students in the summer to the Crow Creek Reservation , in South Dakota, for service projects for the last 20 years; He is so respected in the counseling community the Illinois School Counseling Association named their Counselor of the Year award after him. It is now named The Ray Piagentini Illinois Counselor of the Year Award.


  • Dan Raven (*) – Labyrinths: A Walking Meditation - Dan has traveled with The Labyrinth Society around the world for the last 20 years to research, photograph, and build labyrinths. He has constructed over 65 labyrinths in seven countries and 14 states. He has constructed more than a dozen in and around Chicago. A temporary labyrinth for this event will be available all day to walk and experience.   Dan will share his knowledge, insights, and history of the sacred geometry used in the construction of labyrinths over the last 1000 years.



  • Nancy Scheibe - Women, Wisdom & Water - Nancy comes from Minnesota, was "called" to paddle the length of the Mississippi River. Over several years she connected grandmothers, women and their life stories over the "Fires" along the river. She's authored three books on the Wisdom of the Women. Nancy will be joining us to share her experiences and stories from the grandmothers and the water.


  • Sri Sri Ajit Telang (*) Ajit is the Keeper of the ancient Sacred Agnihotra Fire and a Reiki Master, and Trainer. He has people travel from all over the world to his ashram in India. He travels to the United States to work with and train doctors, nurses, and lay people on the healing benefits of Reiki.   The ancient Agnihotra Fire Ceremony was brought to him by an elder. He asked Ajit to “teach it to the world.” This Fire Ceremony has been scientifically proven to clean the air and water. Ajit said, “I am a trained scientist. When I can prove something by science then it is easy for me to see and discuss where the divine comes in.”


  • Michael Terrien, Oblate of St. Benedict. He serves as a trustee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. As an associate member of the Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers (CADEIOs), he is coordinating CADEIO’s planning to address climate change and environmental degradation.  He currently serves on the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Encyclical (Laudato si’) Working Group. Michael co-founded Play for Peace, a global organization dedicated to building relationships between communities that are trapped in cycles of conflict.


  • Joanne Trahanas - Photographer - One of Joanne’s passions is photography. A former teacher, middle school administrator, and Educational Consultant, she has used photography as a way to connect people with nature, their environment, and other people. She will provide a visual record of the 2017 Earth Day Celebration.


  • Gail Volpe - Ammas Ashram.  Gail lives and works at AMMA'S Ashram in Elburn, Illinois and will bring the blessings from Amma and the Swami to our Gathering and Fire. Amma says that love expressed is compassion, and compassion means accepting the needs and sorrows of others as one's own.


  • Barb Woolley – She was a student of Seneca Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch. Barb has traveled the world and interacted with spiritual people from all walks of life. In her book "Out Of the Box" she has written about her amazing experiences and how to apply them to everyday life. Barb brings a sense of belonging, insight, and connection to all the circles she is asked to participate in with elders and others.  If you'd like to learn more you can view these 1983 recordings of Seneca Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch teachings on the Cattaraugus Reservation in New York State.  Who am I & Where did I come from? YouTube Video 1.  What is my purpose? YouTube Video 2





If you cannot physically be with us, you can connect from wherever you are through good thoughts and prayer.  Please send us your place and information and we will add you to the people who are joining us from around the world.  


We already have people connecting from Belize, Bimini (in the Bahamas), Germany, Holland, Montana, the Netherlands, and Washington, D. C.


For more information contact Dan Creely, Jr. at


* Speakers will have representatives in the Dining Hall, so be sure to stop by to learn more.  


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