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Other Comments from Earth Day Celebration & Peace Fire Circle - April 22, 2017

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S. Morales-Mirque

Thank you for hosting this event. The event was wonderful and It was a great opportunity to learn about the CampGround and about your restoration efforts. Hopefully, you'll be hosting more native American ceremonies in the future.


S.R. Chiakas

What a truly unique and grounding EarthDay Celebration! So many earthly delights in one amazing place! The people, the messages, the food, the elements were all there! Love what you have brought together what a treat, what a blessing!


J. Trahanas

I wanted you to know that I saw someone at my swim class who recognized me as being at the fire as well, and she said that it was a beautiful day and that her twin granddaughters asked her questions all evening about Earth Day, peace fire, water ceremony, etc. That's what we want to do --reach the children.


From my perspective--I have lived in Des Plaines and never knew what an amazing place that campground was---all I knew it as the place that floods. Such history and beauty. What a place it would be for the children to return and as we used to say in the teaching profession--forget no child left behind; rather, how about no child left indoors (which is actually a book that a friend of mine wrote).


R Day Kooh Earth Day 2017 sacred fire our Elders and teachers from all over the world children parents and friends to bless the Mother and the water. A honoring of so many and remembrance for our two holy teachers who have walked on. The children and the peace dove. A naming ceremony DanCreely being awarded drumming with Duane. Osamin who is the teacher of Grandmother Kees teachings. What an incredible day with everyone. There was the blessing of the eagle after the water ceremony who flew in circle over the fire and this wisdom gathering. I feel blessed and renewed we have work to do ...


Joan C

I'd like to join your group & learn more about the Campground. I attended the Earth Day Celebrations 2017, yesterday. It was WONDERFUL. Thank you! Please send me more info about the Campground and efforts to save it. Thanks AGAIN! Joan Kaiser Cline

It was wonderful! Thanks to all.


Joan Kaiser Cline

Good Morning, I attended the Earth day celebration yesterday at the BEAUTIFUL Camp Ground which I haven't been to in over 20 + years. My two little Granddaughters and I were blessed many times yesterday. I am so interested in the goings on there at the campground. It's a BEAUTIFUL sacred treasured place. Please pass this on to whomever and I would like to receive further info on what goes on at the campground. Can we come and visit the bees someday? Thank you for a great day!



Wow...What an amazing day! The Earth Day was amazing. Attended the Sacred Fire Circle and it was great to see so much diversity and representation. Not just locally but a global presence, coming together as one family. Thank you for this event and especially the fire circle. Blessings to your campground and my All come to enjoy its offerings.


L Podlesny

Everything was amazing. So very grateful you shared more about this. My entire family was so appreciative of this opportunity.


B Dunn Kinney

You have a great servant heart! So happy the celebration was a success.



Thank you for an inspirational day. Being surrounded by Shaman/Peace Keeper's from around the world was so enlightening! Today is a beautiful day! We went to an event at the Methodist Campground in Des Plaines honoring Earth Day and to attend an International Fire for Peace. We were in the presence of Shaman/Peace Keepers from around the world. Prayers were said, drums were played and I must mention Pope Francis sent a prayer as well. While this event took place we all held hands. The feeling I had and walked away with is beautiful. A great sense of well being!


A. Graham

World War II veteran Woody Far right, the last living Marine who survived the Battle of Iwo Jima, with Diana Anastazia, Dwayne, Laide, and her children. We all honored Earth Day together in peace, love, and happiness.


The gentleman next to me flew all the way from Mongolia to be with us on Earth Day,... and Chief Steve Iktomi Sha is from Ohio purged all negative vibes off of me using sage, cedar and sweetgrass smoke and Laide Ashabiade is here from Nigeria while me of course, is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.....brings us all together, in one place, with one love, on Earth day.


I was told today by someone on Earthday that I have a lot more work to do, and she is right. There is so much more for us to do to prepare our youths. For us to take what we know and pass our information on to them. On Earthday, Tim Porcelli played the Didjeridu. David Dryden from Melbourne would have joined him, I am sure. Wonderful people from all over the world gathered together to respect and protect mother earth.


I want to spread the word about this wonderful place at the old Historic Methodist Camp Grounds in Des Plaines Illinois. Celebrating life on Earthday surrounded by so many wonderful people.


Honoring E A R T H D A Y amongst Duane Kinnart, Diana Anastazia, and Woody who was the last Marine to survive the Battle at Iwo Jim's. And me enjoying good people all day.


We all enjoyed the peace fire on Earth Day at the Historic Methodist Camp Grounds in Des Plaines. Just thinking....It would be lovely to have a peace fire circle at Sullivan H.S. one of these days.


J Farias

Today was a very powerful day. We went to the Methodist Campground in Des Plaines put in by my dear friend Cindy Neilson Morgan. I hesitated to go because the main event was a fire circle. I was introduced to a healer who said he already knew me and he told me more than I could ever explain in writing and he told me Lucas was there right next to me. He said he knew his time was short and had a purpose to be served in a short time, however, my time was not done here so I need to conquer my fear ( fire) and then my heart can move forward and fully. He prayed to Jesus with me and said my healing should be Godspeed now. We then walked toward the fire and he kept going while I laid in the grass with Liliana and Kay. Thank You, David, for encouraging me to move forward. I met with the healer and asked him to move forward to the fire. I had to use my left hand to throw the tobacco in the fire ....yikes.... I later heard that they could feel my pain and they had done a very special ceremony for me. I was greeted with hugs from a stranger. I DID IT. I stared at it in the face as I was surrounded by smoke. Something I was sure I would never look at again! EVER! I can't explain how I feel, except Peace and I can breath more freely. I feel like today is a start of my new life. I will fulfill my purpose as I am meant to be. Lucas is here: Bart is here. Their souls are here, their spirit is here. The body is just a vessel that carries that here on Earth. Here are a few clips of me..... I've conquered everything I can imagine. Fear will no longer stop me from living fully. Thank You, Cindy, for making me go today. Thank You, David, for the encouragement and faith in me, Thank You, Liliana, for being so proud to be my daughter. I'm truly blessed.


K Joseph

A wonderful event! Thanks to Dan, Duane, Diane and all who made it happen. And WATER PROTECTORS EVERYWHERE, including those who traveled from INDIA and MONGOLIA to attend the sacred peace fire. And to Woody, the last Marine who survived the battle of Iwo Jima!


D Kinnart

Was a beautiful day with beautiful souls. Love to everyone.


S Hogue

What a beautiful Earth Day filled with people of many nations and different backgrounds, but all sharing love for each other and Mother Earth!


T Porcelli

Thanks very much for the honor of participating in the ceremony this past weekend. It was wonderful to see you all.
I had planned to say something but was somewhat speechless with emotion when I played the Didjeridu, thinking of Bruce and sending prayers for his healing and well being. It was indeed strange to not see him there, as he has been at nearly every other circle that I've attended. I hope that the Didjeridu had a balancing effect on all who were thinking of him.  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next event.


G. Crosmaz-Brown

Thank you Dan: while in Ceremony yesterday linking with various ceremonies and friends around the world it was acknowledged the exact moment I was in your thoughts and prayers.
As I drummed one of my songs one friend saw the sky full of thunder, and lighting, and the rains came down.
I laughed as she shared her vision then showed her the picture of the rattle and antler point you are sending me and told her.... there you go ..... Thunder and lighting!!!!! We are in Ceremony with Dan and his celebration. Happy Earthday


T. Vessels

Was awesome seeing everyone at the fire so glad Melinda told me about this gathering and that we decide to make the trip. Was quite a long drive but so worth it.  I would love to be on your mailing list or in the loops for things going on.


R. Scoles.
Just wanted to voice my appreciation for the great earth day celebration I attended the day camp on April 22nd.  It was very reaffirming to spend the day with so many folks who value humanity and our connection to this earth and all its creatures, rather than the discouraging, self-destructive path being supported by our current administration in Washington.  I hope this celebration will become a tradition. I'd also like to commend the work done by Dan
Creely to make this day possible.


I do have one suggestion.  I'm not sure of the procedure in Des Plaines, but I could not locate any recycling containers by the food stands, or anywhere else on the grounds.  Perhaps your trash and recycling are not separated until after collection but if this is not the case, it is very important that we practice our values regarding taking care of our planet. If in fact they are collected together, please let participants know, if not, please take steps to remedy this issue for future activities. I did ask food vendors about this issue because so much plastic was being put into the garbage and they did not have an answer. thank you.


P. Bernar

I went to the Earth Day 2017 celebration and am blown away by this site. Amazing grounds that felt like I was in a different time, everything was beautiful, untouched, and so charming. I felt a sense of oneness with everyone who was there because of all of the different religions and cultures that were represented. I am thankful for this celebration and am looking forward to more like it! I never would've known about this place if it weren't for that event!


C. Mogavero

The Historic Methodist Campground is beautiful and enchanting. The buildings were quaint, and I felt loved like I was strolling through the past. I was there for an Indigenous fire and water ceremony for Earth Day 2917. Thank you for being host to such a beautiful event!



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