Our modern-day Chautauqua looks back to the days when entertainment and culture for the whole community were offered, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and the leaders of the day.  One that entertains and enlightens, with people coming together to improve their minds and renew their ties to nature, and to each other.


Together we join to honors our ancestors with a renewed education movement, and, showcase the future in partnership with today's innovators.


We hope you will join us in a unique and natural setting along the river in a grove of old growth trees, as we honor the past, embrace the present and prepare for the future.

Your willingness to make a difference matters. 
Contact us to see how you can help with our events and community outreach efforts to preserve The Historic Methodist Campground and model a sustainable future for generations to come. 


Develop your leadership skills through service learning.  Opportunities available for middle, high-school, college students, youth groups and clubs at the Historic Methodist Campground located in Des Plaines, Illinois.  


Short and long term projects enhance your portolio.

Share your expertise by teaching a class or mentoring our youth to provide outside support to a teen, foster their interest and hone their talents, buidling real world experience and skills development through hands-on service learning projects. 


Mentoring is a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Join us and improve your leadership and communication skills, learn new perspectives and ways of thinking, advance your career, and gain a great sense of personal satisfaction. Your participation matters.  Remember, changes occur only when enough people want and call for those changes and sustain their concerns over a long time.


Your sponsorship & donation support our mission and helps to provide programs that promote the benefits of sustainability, and, associates your business with the positive goals of a healthy lifestyle and a clean energy future.  We offer different options with a variety of marketing opportunities to extend your reach to an untapped audience, accelerate your sustainability goals, and foster youth leadership. 

In partnership with Shift2Green, our online or offline fundraisers provide inspirational, motivational and sustainable products that suport a healthier lifestyle & protect the environment.  Our fundraisers help us and help you raise money, cultivate innovation and learning, and discover the science and stories behind them with a percentage of every purchase going back to your organization to support your special programs.  

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