Earth Day Celebration
Saturday, April 21, 2018​

“Imagine a world without violence - a world in which leaders and people of different faiths and different views not only meet and understand one another, but also work together to improve quality of life in sustainable ways. 

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Earth Day Celebration, Peace Fire and Water Ceremony


On Saturday, April 21, 2018, the Chicago District Campground will be host to our 2nd Annual global Earth Day Celebration and Peace Gathering. All are welcome to explore how we can manifest peace in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.


The "Opening Space for Peace" will begin at 10:00 am at which time The Sacred Fire will be lit and an opening ancient song and the Ossinagon Directional Prayers will be sung.  Once the fire is lit with song and ceremony, we will let the day flow and see how we are guided to organize the Ceremonies.  “ALL WILL BE WELL.”  The larger, global program will invite people around the world to light sacred fires, host open conversations, and post news of what happens in various ways online.   Space is limited so please come early, and by all means feel free to come and go.  Exhibitors and Community Organizations will also be onsite in the Dining Hall.


If you have anything for the FIRE bring it.

If you have anything for the WATER bring it.


It will be for families, scouts, and schools.  It is for everyone to come and participate and enjoy the day. There are many pieces to this day. The Peace and Water Ceremony is just one. Community Exhibits(*) will also take place at the Epworth Dining Hall.   A day of inclusion for ALL people, ALL cultures, ALL faiths, ALL languages, and ALL children...from now on.  As Ajit Telang would say, The Divine is at work." Tuya from Mongolia would say, "The ancestors are talking to us."


We are honored to have the Wisdom Keepers establish a Peace Fire Circle at the Historic Methodist Campground in Des Plaines, IL to provide a safe space for the next generation to experience the wisdom of the elders.  Speakers are subject to change, so please check back.



We hope you will join us!





Community organizations and vendors will be exhibiting in the Dining Hall, while others gather for the Peace Fire.  Guests are welcome to come and go as they please.  Food will also be available at the Dining Hall in Mr. Ruley's Cafe.



remember this is ALL on ish time


9:00    CAMP OPENS for the day


9:45    FLUTE MUSIC with Mark Cleveland, a Native American Flutist and contemporary singer-songwriter who evolved into a recognized World Music performer over the past 2 decades. He began this musical journey after he was adopted by a Native American elder who encouraged him to explore that part of his heritage. Highlights of his musical career include performing for the Dali Lama, scoring the Chicago Field Museum’s Ancient Americas exhibit, and recording with Yo-Yo Ma’s Cross Roads Project.


10:00  LIGHTING THE SACRED FIRE –  Pat & Bruce (Mukta Thē) Hardwick – Pat and Bruce are Ojibway Fire Keepers.

They welcome people from all over the world to their home and Sacred Fires in Michigan. In addition, they have been invited to carry this Fire to Peace Conferences and gatherings all over the world: Russia, The Hague, in the Netherlands, Peru, and Paris, France, and more. ALL people are welcomed to their Fires at ALL times.


10:15  OPENING  “DECEMBER PRAYER - Mattie Stepanek Foundation


10:20  FILLING OF THE PIPES – by the pipe keepers


10:30  OSSINAGON PRAYERS – Osahmin using the Ossinagon will sing the directional prayers from Grandmother Keewaydinoquay. 


Osahmin Judy Meister is an elder with the Miniss Kitigan Drum (MKD) Band of the Ojibway. She is an Oskibawig, spiritual helper, and was an apprentice to Nokomis Keewaydinoquay for 30 years, giving her a solid foundation to Native American philosophy and medicinal plant use. She is a keeper of the ceremonies, the sacred songs, and the plant medicine.  She is also a field biologist and  published author of a novel, "Their Time of Learning", and "a medicinal plant book, the "Spirit of Healing, a Journal of Plants and Trees". Osahmin Judy Meister, Elder of the Miniss Kitigan Drum of the Ojibwa


10:45  AMBE SONG –everyone will sing the ancient opening song


11:00  BIG DRUM HONOR SONG – Duane Kinnart, Ojibwe will sing the opening songs on the big drum

Duane Kinnart (Mukwa O Day) – Duane is an Ojibway Fire Keeper and Keeper of the Sacred Songs. He has traveled with Pat and Bruce for the last 22 years and carried the Fire and the Songs to people around the world.


11:15 JANE GOODALL 22’ PEACE DOVE– Pat Cleveland and the Dewey School Peace Weavers will fly their 22’ Peace Dove.

Pat Cleveland – Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Program & the 22’ Peace Dove – Pat is a teacher at Dewey Elementary School, in Evanston, Illinois. She has organized the Roots & Shoots Club at her school for 20 years. They do community, environmental, and peace projects connecting with students from all over the world. Many of Pat’s former students pick their life’s work based on what they learned in her classroom and the Roots and Shoots Program. Pat was nominated for the Golden Apple Teaching Award and was a finalist from over 1000 teachers nominated.


11:30  DANCE FOR MOTHER EARTH – Reveries in Motion Dance Troop specializes in modern and contemporary jazz dance performance and embraces other styles in recognition of the unique contributions each dancer brings to our company.  Innovative dance pieces in performance, using the medium to enhance people's understanding of issues of current concern.


11:45 WATER CEREMONY – A water ceremony led by Kathleen Bridigina.  Kathleen's parents and older siblings were born in Ireland, she was the first one born in the United States, yet still deeply connected to her Irish roots. Maori Elders of New Zealand named her "Mother with Essence of the Forest".  As an eco-artist, writer, creative heart coach, and earth-essence facilitator at, Kathleen supports the healing of Mother Earth, by guiding water ceremonies with "The Loving Waters", and assisting feminine rising & reforesting the planet as "Artist Liaison for Tree Sisters"


12:30  Lunch Break for speakers and guests.  Enjoy GREAT food by Chef James and take time to visit Community Organizations supporting a healthy, peaceful clean energy future.


1:30  GATHERING OF THE NATIONS PEACE CEREMONY - Elders from many nations will circle with participants to conduct peace ceremony in the ancient traditions using sacred pipes.


2:30  WHITE ROOTS OF PEACE - Dr. Martha Libster, Ph.D., APRN, and founder of Herbal Diplomats®, Global Tea House®, and Bamboo Bridge® will read a brief excerpt from "The Iroquois Book of Life - White Roots of Peace".  As an Herbal Diplomat® Dr. Martha is known internationally for her work on the complementarity of nursing practice, technology, and healing traditions, particularly the application of botanical therapies.


2:45  SHARING CIRCLE WITH THE ELDERS AT THE SACRED FIRE – the state of the Earth and what can we do (open discussion)


3:30  CLOSING THOUGHTS from Mattie Stepanek Foundation




If you cannot physically be with us, you can connect from wherever you are through good thoughts and prayer.  Please send us your place and information and we will add you to the people who are joining us from around the world.  


We already have people connecting from Belize, Bimini (in the Bahamas), Germany, Holland, Montana, the Netherlands, and Washington, D. C.


For more information contact Dan Creely, Jr. at


* Speakers will have representatives in the Dining Hall, so be sure to stop by to learn more.  


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